Whitening Your Teeth At Home

A few months ago Smile Brilliant reached out to me and asked if I wanted to collaborate with them and try out their teeth whitening system. It was honestly fate because at the time I was playing with the idea of trying out a teeth whitening product but had no idea what to try or where to look. I've always felt like my teeth were yellowed and I just didn't think anything would work. 

 I was super excited to start so as soon as I received the package I whipped it open, read the directions, and started creating my custom-fitted trays using the provided impression materials! This step is definitely the most important! You need to make sure your impressions are made correctly so that the the trays perfectly fit your mouth and teeth. Thankfully, Smile Brilliant's staff were so helpful! I sent them a picture of my impressions and quickly received a reply back letting me know whether my trays were made correctly. 

After I had received my trays in the mail I just made a habit of doing a whitening treatment about every night to every other night until I had used up all the whitening and desensitizing gel that came in the kit. I did have a little bit of teeth sensitivity, which diminished overtime. Another helpful tip that the Smile Brilliant staff shared was coating my gums in Vaseline prior to putting in the trays. It made a huge difference and I couldn't feel a thing! One thing I loved about it was the convenience! I didn't have to go somewhere to get the treatment and that is the awesome part of using an at-home teeth whitening system! It's convenient and I just whitened my teeth before bed. Take a look at my before and after below! 

I know this will probably sound so silly but one of the reasons I wanted to whiten my teeth is because I wanted to be able to wear lipstick. I used to try on lipstick and I always felt like it highlighted the yellowness of my teeth and so I took it off and have never worn it. I cannot wait to show off my new bright smile and try out some fun lipstick shades! 

I am so happy with my results and I would highly suggest Smile Brilliant to any of my friends and family! 

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Torey Noelle

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