Nothing New Under The Sun

I find it so funny that the older I get the more I find myself wearing my moms old clothes and my style shifting towards what I used to hate as a teenager. Oh how times have changed and how things come back in and out of style. 

As you already know I am obsessed with mom jeans. I think they are the best fit and the most comfortable. I'll share some of my favorite pairs at the end of the post.

I can't believe it's already May! The first half of this year just flew by and I am very much looking forward to summer, warm weather, and long days. Jaimey and I have just been recuperating since we got back home on Sunday from Italy. Such a wonderful trip, but it's always nice to kind of get back into the routine of normal life. Also if you read a few posts back I shared an update that I was changing jobs! I officially started my new job at The Scout Guide this past Monday and have been loving it. Follow the link to their website to see what we're all about! It feels really good to be excited about work and I think the change has been really good for me. 

That's all for now friends. But check out the outfit details below as well as some of my favorite mom jeans. 

Torey Noelle

JEANS | BELT (from Italy) | BLOUSE (thrift shop) | LOAFERS | EARRINGS | SUNGLASSES (boutique in Kennebunk, ME)