First Days In Italy

We arrived in Italy this past Monday and it has already been so amazing! As soon as we arrived, we took a train into Venice and spent the day walking around the city and eating delicious food.

Everything is so beautiful, all the old rundown buildings, alleys, and waterways. I felt like I could take a picture of anything and it would have been a work of art. 

We are staying in a little town just about an hour outside of Venice right at the base of a beautiful mountain range. The next morning we visited the town market and spent some time walking through all the vendor's booths. Here are some photos from the marketplace and the town. 

The next day we had a private tour and tasting at a local winery. It was completely amazing and I think I will forever be partial to the wonderful time we had there when I compare it to any other winery in the United States. It was such a cool experience and the host was so good to us and just did an amazing job. All the wines were amazing, not to mention we filled our tummies with amazing food too. 


It's only been the first 3 days and it has been wonderful. I am so excited for the next week and half. Tomorrow we are taking a trip up into Germany and Austria for the weekend! So siked to check it out and explore! More adventure posts to come! 

Torey Noelle