New Things

I know my current mantra is all about embracing failure, stepping out of your comfort zone, and doing what scares you in order to grow. But I honestly wouldn't be talking about it if I didn't think it was so important and that's why you hear it so much. It's something I personally struggle with and have been working to embrace in my own life. I want others to discover the freedom in pushing and stretching themselves and trying new things, although sometimes painful it is so worth it. 

Big changes are coming down the pike. I have been a nurse for the past 4 years since I graduated college. For a long time I've felt the urge to try something different, to tap into my creative nature, and attempt to combine that with my work. It took a long time to even convince myself that trying to find a job outside of nursing, outside of my comfort zone and outside of what I knew was a good idea. I met many closed doors and many rejections along the way. At some points I thought I would be stuck in my career forever and that no one would want to give me a chance. I struggled with a lot of self doubt and wondered if this really was the right thing to do because nothing was happening. But you know the waiting is such a good thing, the learning to be patient, to persevere, to keep pushing even when it's uncomfortable. I believe everything happens for a reason and I needed to trust that something would come, the right opportunity at the right time, and it did. I am so thrilled to be starting something new and different, something that will surely challenge and stretch me.

Learn to find the comfort in the uncomfortable
— Brit Morin

So be encouraged to continue pushing and working even when it seems like all doors are closing. Challenge yourself. When you feel the urge to try something new, to change don't be afraid to take the chance even if it's scary or even if it doesn't align with what might be the safe, stable, and comfortable option. 

Torey Noelle