My Thoughts on Feminism

In honor of National Women's Day I wanted to talk a little bit about feminism and what I've learned about the movement. Now I am not speaking as an expert or anyone who knows anything more than anyone else. In fact I feel quite the opposite, for the longest time I feel I have been in the dark, prejudice, and uneducated about feminism and only lately have I really started to uncover what it means to me and what it looks like in my life. 

I feel like I grew up believing that feminism was bad, that it only consisted of the stereotypical crazy woman who hates men. The word feminism seemed very extreme and negative to me. But to be honest that's about all I knew on the topic, I didn't take any time to educate myself. 

I was talking to my friend recently about dreams of owning my own business and she told me about this Feminist Business School called Sister. The curriculum is all about teaching you how to prototype a business based on feminist principles. Even just reading the website and watching the presentation, "Proposals for the Feminine Economy" by the founder, Jennifer Armbrust, completely changed what I thought I knew. I think it helped me realize that feminism is so different than just a movement backed by anger and resentment but is so much more about supporting each other and breaking out of cultural stereotypes. In her presentation, Jennifer compares the "masculine economy" (our current culture) to what a "feminine economy" could look like. Some of the words to describe it were generosity, interdependence, intimacy, empathy, and gratitude. Why would we not want to be a part of a culture that supports those characteristics? After that, I started reading numerous articles on feminism and taking lots of notes. I was just looking over the notes from my reading and found some points I want to mention: "Feminism - The advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes." | "Feminism is not a celebration of womanhood but challenging the notion of womanhood." | "Feminism aims to combat the stereotyped cultural view of men and women." |


What a powerful and freeing idea. It made me realize how wrong I was and how feminism by it's definition is something I actually have always supported and wanted, I just didn't know it. It makes me proud to be a woman in a world with other women who want these same things and are working hard to make it the norm. It's something I want to work for and fight for too. 

Torey Noelle