Homemade vs Processed

I wanted to take a minute to talk about my food adventures this year and how much I feel I have grown while eating a plant based diet. In the process I may rant a little bit about homemade vs processed foods so bear with me! 

So at the beginning of this year I shared as one of my New Years Resolutions that I was going to eat a plant based/vegan diet for the month of January. As of now, it being almost April I have been continuing in the resolution and have been eating vegan pretty consistently about 99% of the time. I think it's one of the greatest diet decisions I've ever made, the longer I go the more I learn and the more I love it! It has forced me to educate myself more about the food industry and food in general, about what my body needs and what to eat in order to keep it healthy. I have to say it's definitely been easier saying no to junk food and desserts because most aren't vegan! Confession, I still regularly make vegan desserts, can't give up that sweet tooth totally! 

One of the biggest changes it has brought and my favorite part is how much it's pushed me to be more creative in the kitchen, especially with making alternatives to non-vegan foods. I would have never thought I would be homemaking staples like yogurt, nut butters, or milks on a regular basis but it has been so awesome to learn these new skills and has completely changed my view on buying certain foods vs making them at home. My eyes have been totally opened to so many of the issues with processed foods and all those mystery ingredients I can barely pronounce. But it can so easily be avoided! I'm telling you, if you're willing to put a little bit of time aside to food prep it will make a difference in your health and your wallet. Here is a list of some of my favorite kitchen staples I now regularly make at home! 


Eating like this has been made so easy because of all the awesome vegan food bloggers out there who serve as great resources to all of us new plant based eaters in the world! I know I've shared them before but here are a few of my favorites: Minimalist Baker, The First Mess, Faring Well, and Oh Ladycakes. Anyways enough ranting but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on eating a plant based diet and encourage you guys who may be starting or thinking about starting, that it is not impossible and can be a lot of fun too!


Torey Noelle