Looking Back on The Start

I was just thinking this past week about the importance of remembering. I tend to forget where I came from, what I've gone through, and experiences I've had. Maybe I legitimately have memory loss or maybe I just don't make the effort to remember. For some people, remembering can be a positive thing, for others remembering can be uncomfortably painful. But whichever group you are in, I still think it's important. Remembering can have two outcomes. It can be positive in which it either invokes a sense of thankfulness for your current state or is a motivator for change. On the other side it can be negative if the outcome of remembering only brings you into a deeper place of dissatisfaction, depression, or complacency. The big difference lies in your attitude. 

I speak on this topic as a work in progress, this is something I struggle with daily and want to change. I tend to forget the good things that have happened thus far instead of seeing them as a means of encouragement or using them as a reminder of past successes. But I somehow always remember the bad things that have happened but instead of using them as motivation I tend to think of the "what if" this happens again or look how I've failed in the past. Difficult circumstances can always be used for positive personal growth if you choose to view them as that. I want to encourage you to examine your current state, examine the situations that have led you to where you are, whether positive or negative. Take them and be encouraged, use them to push yourself towards growth. Instead of forgetting it, choose to learn from it. 

This has been something that has been on my mind lately, especially with this blog. I am constantly worried do people like my writing or my photos, why am I not getting more followers....etc. Instead I need to look at where I started, how much I've learned and grown (personally and through the blog) and the road ahead. I do this because I love it not because I have to. So spend some time remembering and see where it takes you. Make the decision to be positive about the memories and I promise it will only lead to bigger and better things, even if the bigger and better is as simple as a more positive outlook on life. 

Torey Noelle