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So I know this is going to sound quite repetitive but it has been on my mind a lot lately and I want to use this space to share whats going on up in there. I have previously talked about the importance of setting time aside each day to focus, meditate, and set your mind right. Now I know I talked about the importance of this but my execution has been 0% FAIL! I get so inspired to incorporate new things or practices into my daily life but have such a hard time pulling it off. Maybe I fill my plate up too much or am just forgetful, I'm not sure. I really think this focussed time is important and when I HAVE been consistent with it I have definitely felt the positive effects. 


I saw this little journal at Urban Outfitters today called Two Minute Mornings: A Journal To Win Your Day Every Day. The inside is laid out with three sections to jot down notes titled: 1. I will let go of 2. I am thankful for 3. I will focus on. Such a simple idea but super helpful during your time of meditation to answer these questions every day. To let go of whats holding you back, it may be your thoughts or people's opinions, to acknowledge things that you are thankful for even when your day may feel like the literal pits of despair, and to set goals for yourself whether actionable or mindful.  

So I have set a challenge for myself this week (and hopefully on-going) to start every morning with some focussed time, to think, pray, and answer the questions from the journal. I'm really hopeful this quiet time will be good for me and really help me start fresh and set the tone for the day. I'll share my thoughts at the end of the week. 

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Torey Noelle

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