Oversized Sweaters & Body Image

I know the title seems a little odd but by the time you are done reading, it should make more sense. 

It was so cold the day of this shoot. This chunky sweater was perfect and if I'm speaking from honesty I was relieved to be shooting indoors instead of out in the blistering wind. I love chunky sweaters and oversized tops. I've always felt so comfortable in the bulkiness of it. Thats why I love this white XL chunky knit from H&M. Super comfortable and so big I feel like I could hide in it like a blanket.

Now body image. How does that relate or play into what I'm talking about? As I was planning this post and looking through the photos I started thinking a little bit about why I choose to wear those kinds of things. Why do I like the oversized and bulky? And I started thinking about body image and what I think about my own body. I have always struggled with body image and comparison and I think most women can relate.

Where does insecurity with body image even come from? Culture creates social norms and expectations for what is beautiful and we compare ourselves to that expectation. This creates an environment of jealousy, judgement, insecurity, and hate for ourselves and others. I read this quote from Darling Magazine's instagram that says "What if we said: "She's beautiful but so am I," instead of, "She's beautiful and how do I measure up to her?". There can be so much freedom in loving yourself as you are and not comparing or competing with others. 

I don't want to choose things to wear in order to hide what I find unattractive about myself. I want to wear things because they make me feel good and because I like them. I'm still figuring out what it looks like to love myself better and ditch insecurities and the game of comparison. How much better life would be if we all had a little more love for ourselves and in turn could love others better and build up one another. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic so please comment below. 

Anyways that was my little rant. I have really been learning so much more about myself this year already, things that have been present for a long time but never talked about or things I simply thought were impossible to change. I want this year to be a time for positive growth and I want to encourage you all in the same way. 

I'll share some of my favorite oversized knits and the pieces to this look below! 

Torey Noelle

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