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Cultivate the habit of being grateful

This is such a simple thought but can have such a positive impact. I have been trying to incorporate a time of quiet meditation in the morning to kind of set the mood for the day. I was listening to a podcast recently that talked about practicing thankfulness by writing down 5 unique things on a daily basis that you are thankful for. I have to admit at the start it was hard for me to try and find 5 unique things everyday but it forced me to take time and really stop to think. It truly helped my attitude to practice this focussed time. Definitely something I would encourage others to practice. A positive way to start the day.


This weeks fashion focus is all about black on black. If you saw my latest blog post on Wednesday, I put together a head to toe black outfit for my day out with Jaimey. I love it. It's my favorite color to wear, so sleek and timeless. Perfect for day or night. Here's some outfit inspo for you from my Pinterest! 

I put together a little group of some of my favorite black wardrobe pieces! Follow the links to shop the looks below! 


I completed a full month of eating vegan! This is the first time and over the longest period of time I have kept up a diet resolution. I didn't feel restricted or sad and I enjoyed everything I ate. I felt fresh, healthy, and never overly full or yucky after eating. The hardest part was trying to stay consistent when going to restaurants or eating at other people's homes. I hope that maybe overtime veganism will be more widely accepted and available. Whether I continue eating vegan or try something different, I must say I really enjoyed it and definitely learned many habits I want to continue implementing. Also if you're interested in trying veganism here are some of my favorite vegan food bloggers: MINIMALIST BAKER | OH LADYCAKES | FARING WELL | THE FIRST MESS


Take a listen to the songs of the week! 

  • The Last Time I Saw Adrianne | by Henry Jamison | Youtube 
  • Prayer For The Dying | by Lisa Hannigan (feat. Luke Sital-Singh) | Youtube
  • Funeral Suit | by Lisa Hannigan | Youtube 
  • What Is Love | by Lisa Mitchell | Youtube 


Torey Noelle

Photos taken by Torey Noelle / All other imagery sourced from Pinterest

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