Stars & Sweaters

I love how fun this sheer star studded top is from H&M. I have to admit, its very outside of my comfort zone but I've been feeling the urge to kind of break out of my fashion norms, which could probably be described as safe and basic. Don't get me wrong, I still love and support simple and minimalist fashion but I like switching it up every now and then. It's also such a versatile piece, pair it with denim, a pencil skirt or shorts for completely different looks.

On the topic of breaking out of comfort zones I have really been learning a lot about myself in the realm of habits and personal struggles. Learning about bad habits and struggles is very hard and humbling. But at the same time, recognizing the need for positive change is so good, not saying that the process of change is ever easy. For as long as I remember I have struggled to let myself rest mentally and physically. I feel the need to be constantly busy, whether this is because I feel the need to always be productive or fear boredom and quiet I'm not sure. Maybe a combination of the two but regardless it has been a habit that I want to change because of the negative impacts it has caused to my physical and mental health. I want to have the ability to rest my mind and sit in the quiet. My goal is to try and set time aside each day for quiet meditation, a time for mental clarity and introspection. I know it will be a challenge but I also believe it will be such a positive one. If you guys have any personal experience or suggestions for how to incorporate daily meditation time please share! 


Torey Noelle

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