Dark Layers & My Rant on Being Vegan

I decided to layer up for my day out with Jaimey on Tuesday because it has been bitter cold. We went out for brunch to Bluegrass Grill & Bakery because I wanted to find a place that had good vegan food. Sorry, no food photos, probably because I finished it in 2 seconds. 

To talk a little bit about being vegan, I am no expert but I have really enjoyed these past few weeks. I decided as a New Years resolution to try a vegan diet for the month of January. It has been a good learning experience so far. I have been able to experiment with recipes and get creative with what I'm eating. Cooking at home has been pretty adaptable but eating out has proved to be quite difficult. It's interesting, through this experience I think I have realized how many people don't accept, understand, or support the idea of veganism. Before trying it out, I felt like it was such a well known practice. Many of the people that I follow on social media or the cooking blogs I read are vegan based. I think I became so accustomed to it, the idea of eating that way that when I started I was somewhat surprised by the confusion and push back I received from people. Long story short, this experience so far has been really good for me and has encouraged me to do more research about eating plant based. Also for those out there who are considering veganism, I just want to offer a little encouragement. Don't let people discourage you from trying it, do your research, and have fun trying new things! I have been on the hunt for yummy vegan food here in Charlottesville and Bluegrass Grill was a great spot. 

There is my little rant on being vegan. I'm excited to explore more food spots in Charlottesville and share them with you. If you like my look, shop the pieces below! 

Torey Noelle


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