Mom Jeans

I remember when I used to tease my mom for wearing super high waisted "mom jeans." I used to think they were so uncool and would never be fashionable. Flashback to then, when low waisted bell bottoms were in....yikes. It's crazy how much fashion changes and even our taste and style change over time. I wish I could go back and tell my mom to keep half of her old wardrobe because it would totally come back into style. I love these Zara high waisted denim jeans. I actually bought them at a second hand store for a great deal. Something you should know about me, I am a bargain and clearance section lover and am rarely paying full price for anything unless it is must have can't live without quality. Most of my favorite wardrobe pieces are clearance section or thrift store gems. It is so thrilling when you find that perfect piece for a killer price. Bought this cute striped blouse at Old Navy on clearance, heck ya! Super cute for end of summer and fall! Shop the look below. 


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