Living Local

A few weeks ago one of my good friends brought me to a local farm called Bellair located just a few miles outside of Charlottesville. Bellair Farm has a really cool Community Supported Agriculture program giving locals access to the farm's produce. If you join the program, you get to pick a bag full of produce once a week for about 22 weeks out of the year from May to October. They have all kinds of fruits, vegetables, wild flowers, etc. I didn't even know anything like this existed until coming to Bellair Farm. It is such a cool thing to be able to support local farmers and enjoy fresh organic produce. That is something I have become increasingly more interested in and passionate about, living local. Whether it be where you shop or what you eat and drink, living local is something I think all of us should aim to do. I am so excited to join this next season. Check out Bellair Farm's website to read more about the program and how it works! Just another reason why I love calling Charlottesville, VA home. 



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