Thoughts on the New Year


I like New Years. It is the one time focussed on remembering the past and looking to the future. I've always made New Years resolutions generally with high expectations and little success. So this year I decided to challenge myself in new ways without trying to climb Mt Everest. I want to share some of my goals with you in hopes that maybe you would be inspired but also so that I can share some of my experiences in the new year with you. 


  1. Eat vegan for 30 days
  2. Incorporate a new form of exercise into my routine (yoga, cycle, etc...)
  3. Read one book a month
  4. Write a song

I have been hearing so much about the benefits of plant based diets versus the negative effects of eating dairy and animal products. So I decided to try it out for a month to see what it's like and how it makes me feel. 

For exercise, I tend to stick with the same routines and then get bored or unmotivated because of the repetitiveness. I love incorporating classes into my workout routine. There is something awesome about joining a group of people in an exercise activity. It makes me feel like a team and it always motivates me to push just a little harder. I have never been consistent in adding this into my routine so January will be focussed on finding places to check out and join.

First of all, Jaimey was wonderful and practically bought me every book on the book list I posted a few months ago. Confession, I made that book list and haven't read a single one so I am making it a goal to try and read one book a month. I love reading but always end up finding something that seems more important to fill my free time with. This goal is not only about wanting to read more books but learning to allow myself downtime in order to do a leisure activity like reading. I struggle to allow myself downtime because I feel I always need to be productive. I need to learn to love myself a little and let that go so I can allow my body and mind rest.

I have always loved playing guitar and singing but I always cover songs because I've never been able to write one on my own. I think most of the difficulty in this comes from my own self judgement and insecurities. I have tried writing before but tend to over think it and then hate what I've created. This goal is also not just about writing a song so I can play and sing my own piece but also about giving myself room to be creative without hating the outcome.  

As I was reading through my goals, I realized how many of them are really not about the goal in itself but about something I feel needs to change in me. That I need to learn some self love and care. Learn how to be gracious to my own self, to let my body rest and relax and let myself freely create. I hope that setting these goals will help me to change the things on the inside too. Because those are more important to me than the goals in themselves. 

Sorry for the long post. As I was writing, I began thinking more about the goals I wrote and realizing how each one was about something deeper than just accomplishing the goal in itself. It was interesting how a task I wanted to try and accomplish was so clearly linked to something in my heart that I wanted to change. Anyways, I am really excited for this year and these goals and where they will lead me. I hope you guys are excited for this new year too and what it will bring. 

Torey Noelle

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