My Favorite Stocking Stuffers

Friends! Christmas is coming so fast so I decided to post about some of my favorite stocking stuffers! If you're struggling for ideas keep reading! 

  1. My #1 favorite stocking stuffer is single pack face masks! There are so many fun brands and ingredients for all different skin types! My favorite brands are Que Bella, found at Target, and The Creme Shop, found at Bed Bath and Beyond. Perfect to fit in a stocking and a great gift for a little personal TLC! 
  2. Nail polish. My favorite brand is Essie. I love trying to match the perfect color with the individuals personality and style!
  3. CHOCOLATE! Need I say more...But seriously I love gifting chocolate, especially the fancier brands, not your typical Hershey bar or skittles. It's Christmas not trying to be cheap here! Some of my favorites are Honey Mama's, Justin's Dark Chocolate PB Cups, and Theo Chocolate!
  4. Cosmetic mini's. I love going into the mini cosmetics section at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond and finding my favorite beauty products. I picked up a mini dry shampoo from Not Your Mothers! My absolute favorite hair product brand btw. Perfect size for keeping in your purse on the go and perfect for fitting in a stocking! 
  5. Jewelry! Whether it be a bracelet, necklace, or a pair of earrings it's a great stocking stuffer for your lady, family member, or friend! 
  6. Candles! Even when I have a million candles, I always want more! My favorite place to buy candles is Anthropologie. They have the best scents and cutest containers, lots of mini containers too. Perfect for fitting inside of a stocking! 

If you were struggling for ideas I hope this gave you some inspiration! Can't wait for Christmas and all the fun festivities and time with friends and family! Merry Christmas everyone! 

Torey Noelle 


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