A Minimalistic Makeup Look

I wanted to share my everyday simple makeup routine with you! I am not really into a lot of makeup and generally go natural but for those days when you just want to dress up your face a little this is my go to. Simple. Easy. Only takes 5 items and probably 5 minutes. Confession, I didn't time it but it's pretty darn fast, probably even under 5 minutes! Step #1 is my Maybelline Fit Me foundation #115. I really just use it to cover any red spots or areas that don't match my base skin tone just to even things out. Step #2 is my Bareminerals All Over Face Colour in Faux Tan. It is the perfect shade to give you a nice bronzed look. I use it along my cheekbones and forehead to give me a little sunkissed feel. Step #3 is Bareminerals Ready Blush in The Natural High. I brush that along my cheekbones to add a little color. Step #4 is my Wet n Wild Mega Volume mascara on my upper lashes. I like thick long eyelashes so I apply a few coats! Step #5 is brow gel, I use Mary Kay's but really any brow gel will work! It really helps to give them shape and keep them from going wild. I don't thread or wax them because I like the big and natural look so the gel is perfect just to keep them looking good all day. 

And there you have it! Really simple and easy. I always think less is more, highlighting your natural beauty with a few good products. Shop my look below. 


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