My 5 Favorite Apps

I was just thinking the other day what I would do if I didn't have my iPhone. Now of course I would totally survive without it and be completely fine! But it is pretty awesome how helpful and convenient smart phones have made many tasks, which were previously rather time consuming or difficult. So I decided to share my 5 Favorite Smartphone Apps. If you don't already have them on your phone I would highly encourage you to check them out! 

  1. VSCO - I have been using VSCO to edit all my iPhone photos for a while now and I love love love it. They have great filters but also just great editing tools in general. Almost 100% of my photos on Instagram are edited through VSCO and I think they look pretty darn good haha! if you have never used it, definitely give it a try. 
  2. ShopStyleI love this app because it is like a giant shopping data base with tons of well known fashion brands. So if you are looking for a pair of white sneakers or a little black dress you can just search it and see a million options. You can limit your search to only certain brands or prices to better target what you're looking for. It makes online shopping too easy, definitely dangerous! But so great, I use it all the time! 
  3. ShazamOk I know this may totally be old news but I had to name it as one of my favorites because I freaking love it. I can't count the number of times I've been watching a movie, listening to the radio, or even a commercial comes on and I fall in the love with the song but have no easy way of idenitifying the name or artist, then SHAZAM! You've got your song title and artist AND you can easily add it to your Spotify playlist through the app by just clicking the OPEN Spotify button. I. love. it. 
  4. Google KeepI am obsessed with lists and I have used many different apps for organizing task and reminder lists and my favorite has definitely been Google Keep. It syncs from my computer to my phone through the Cloud, which is great because I used to take note of something on one device or the other and then have a bunch of random unorganized stuff scattered in different locations. I also just like the grid view of all my lists. It reminds of organized sticky notes! 
  5. Planoly - Planoly is a visual planner for Instagram, which allows you to upload your images to the app and arrange them as you want to post them. It helps create consistency by allowing you to preview what your Instagram feed would look like prior to actually posting the photo. I love this because with the blog its so important to create a consistent aesthetic to my photos like a beautiful patchwork quilt of well designed and edited images. This lets you preview the look of your feed as well as analyze your stats for your posts and the most liked images and most active times on social media etc. Very helpful! 

The great thing about all 5 of these apps is that they are all 100% FREE! Definitely go check them out and download if you are interested because there is no loss. And share your favorite apps by commenting below! Always looking for more helpful smartphone tools! 


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